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I have had several test before come back normal showing the norco and kadian. When was the last time that you took opiates?

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And they won't give 2 phucks why you took it if you weren't prescribed it. When testing specifically for hydrocodone, they will use a urine test urineanalysis.

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Good luck and God bless! I was prescribed 4 bottles of hydrocodone syrup Hycodan a month ago 1 bottle per 6 days that were ml each which equates to a 6 day supply of 30ml per day. I have heard that it is going to be rescheduled in the near future, making the same as prescribing norco's, tylenol 3 ect. All of these drugs have a high addiction potential, and even those that are given out legally via prescription are often abused and can be found on black markets.

I plan on calling monday and going in on friday. I have a 5 yr old an I cant go to jail. This is for Shannon I read your post and the problems your having, what was the Attorney Generals response to your complaint? I just see a lot of people asking this question and no real answers.

When I went to the pain clinic and they did a mouth swab it showed there was no trace of it in my results.

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I went and dropped for an instant and even though id been taking it all day before it was negative……. All those test are good for is telling wheter you took an opiate containing drug or benzo, or amphetamine. Taking a drug orally means that it has to pass through the digestive system first, so it can take around an hour for the effects to begin. Heroin metabolizes into 6-acetylmorphine 6-AM and morphine. Ask me for my prescription on a letter from my doctor?

Will this disqualify me for the job? I never took more than ml in each span of 6 days but I did end up taking the ml in about 3 days every week that I renewed the prescription. I took 2 Hydrocodone today, Sunday, and I have a pre employment drug screen on Tuesday. My bf had got hurt. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? I ended up taking 1 mg vicodin Friday, none Saturday, 2 Sunday, and 1 Monday evening.

They are only 5 mg. Here we review basic information on hydrocodone drug tests including detection times, cutoff levels and the most frequent types of tests used.