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Maybe a few pounds the first week - some water weight - then maybe a small trickle.

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I have heard that exercise is the key to helping get control of the depression. No changes were made to my diet at all.

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I have gained 21 pounds since I have been on Zoloft. People that have been taking Zoloft over a long term often notice that the weight gain gets worse over time. Started Zoloft 50 mg — Weight: Either way, I can't lose.

Oh yeah, before I started taking adderall 6 weeks ago I was which is the highest I have ever been in my life. Your comment is so important because people forget that the reason drugs such as Lexapro are prescribed is because there often is a serious problem that they can help.

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In November I started mg and have gained back. Thanks for your reply. But I was so desperate I was willing to try anything.

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I used to be 65kg and never had to worry about my weight. Our clients were drawn from the surrounding communities but what many had in common was weight gain during treatment with psychotropic drugs; some took two or three medications. Save your draft before refreshing this page. I went from lbs. And since the journey back to a good weight will be a long one, let us help you along the way.

Please let us help you in your efforts to lose weight; it is hard to do alone.

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Promoted by Time Doctor. It did control my anxiety slightly and more than it significantly controlled my temper, which is why I would quickly go back on it whenever I would stop.

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In the last several months I have noticed a significant weight gain, especially in my waist. Antidepressant and weight gain Submitted by Judith Wurtman on February 12, - 7: My mom said my uncle has begun to take Zoloft and has gained 30 pounds. ALo June 3,4: I gained over 30 of those pounds in 3 weeks time.