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When I first started using OPKs I never got a positive and was really starting to worry - I switched to Clearblue Digital and tested in the evening and then the smiley faces started to appear. I had pain and changes in my CF but it only lasted a day and I had all negatives prior to that day. I think clomid messed me up that cycle.

Based on my temps and the results of the Ovulation kits, I was able to pinpoint exactly when I ovulated. Well today is cd 32, going to test in the morning on the off chance that I did ovulate earlier. Find All Thanked Posts. Good luck and baby dust to all of us! And could I have ovulated even though doesn't show up on test? I would say O is definitely on it's way!!!

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Guess what, I have a daughter and I'm up the duff. Fingers crossed i get af naturally, otherwise I have to do another round of provera, starting Thursday Xo. Maybe it's not happening this month - thanks for suggestions. Has anyone else had a similar ovulation situation? New to the forum? OPK's read LH; the kit could just be reading this increased hormone level.

Fingers crossed you get your BFP soon.

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Had to go back on provera and then increased doseage of clomid. I am currently on my second round of clomid. It is soooo frustrating. I think the best time to test for Ov is between 4pm - 8pm. Created by aweatherford6 Last post 3 months ago.

Otherwise, I just spoke with the nurse, and I'm to increase my clomid to mg. It's true that not all women respond to Clomid.

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I tend to steer clear of them and rely on my temperature and cm. Thanks buttercupbabe and Attila. I think its one of, if not the main reason Im still not pregnant.