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It sounds as if your problem isn't needing sleeping pills for the occasional night when you cannot sleep but an ongoing problem. October 3rd, at 9: The pharmacists who handle mailed medicines were all trained in France, and one has just returned from another qualification upgrade. Then, just before Tet, I was in a pharmacy at the beginning of Cau Giay, 48 I believe, on the right hand side heading westbound and I found diphenhydramine!

Kind of curious why anyone would want to go so close to the golden triangle and take OTC opiate I will definitely be using them again. Start searching Events Search. Best cities to live in Vietnam. Yet they consider ADHD drugs to be on a par with heroin, coke and so forth.

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The government there allows relatively powerful codeine medication to be sold OTC, as well as various SSRIs and so on, and has a patchy but increasingly strong grasp on the sale of benzos. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. Top questions about Vietnam.

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Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel. This pharmacist speaks EnglishFrench and Vietnamese.

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I could get Ketamin, BuprenorphineAmphetaminesBenzodiazepines and oxycodone. But, if you are flying low-cost carrier where you have to collect your baggage at Singapore and go through Customs to re-check it on your outgoing flight, you may well have issues.

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October 1st, at 4: However, English communication can be a deterrent, sometimes. I still believe they love Vietnam for the sake of Vietnam. Jun 10, 1.

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I tried that - once. Driving cars or motorcycles in Viet Nam- can I?

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You must create an account or log in to vote on posts on Reddit. Tastes like shit, but a few of them will knock you on your ass if you don't have tolerance to codeine. I went there many times and know it very well. About Us Help Center. I just know that you can get all benzodiazepines there and 15 to 30 mg Codeine derivates and Tramadol.