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Welcome to the site. I'd think anything that binds to the mu-receptors would be antagonized by the Sub. Hey I just wanted to let you know that I take subs and tramadol.

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When I talked about experimenting with myself, In my early days of being on subutex, I had a serious injury so my doctor prescribed me 60 mgs of methadone a day he generally gives me what i ask for if i ask right for 2 weeks. Does anyone know if taking this much could do any long term damage and when it is time to come off them what to expect.

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Skip to Content googletag. Can Tramadol show up on a UA as suboxone?

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The bupe will bind to too many receptors for the tram to do anything. Still looking for answers? I just popped a couple Tramadol to hold me over until I can take my sub. Check out this thread to read about my friend mickeys experience butrans and tramadol: Find More Posts by NancyB.

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I no longer have the overwhelming desire to use opiates on daily basis. I went to my sub doctor last night for my monthly appointment.

Its all jibberish to me, but I know some people on here might understand this medical jargin Has anyone ever taken tramadol while on buprenorphine? Click to download the free app: My sub Doctor said those were both fine to take with suboxone I get my tramadol after my root canal on Monday. The statement above I think is saying that it seems to act less on the mu receptors but more on the serotonin and norepinephrine. Im not worried so much about being addicted.

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This is all very helpful for me!!! All the tramadol do is make me feel like i cant sit down i have to be the go all the time and when i dont take them i just sit there and cant get going. Buprenex buprenorphine hydrochloride US prescribing information.

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