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Calls to any general helpline non-facility specific XX numbers for your visit IP: So my understanding is that she cannot be repremanded or fired from her workplace for this. Yeah, call your doctor.

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You can't be fired for taking a properly described drug. She also takes - Naproxen Sodium mg - 2 tablets as needed usually only 2 tablets a day, if that She also has a TENS stimulation system that she uses as much as possible for her back pain. If you can, go for it, but I think you will find your motivation to workout decreases dramatically when on Vicodin.

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Top groups Groups by medication Groups by condition. You may also want to look up some of the information on the side effects of lidocaine and bupivicaine, especially in the spine. Sep 1, '04 by danvet. Basically my wife keeps the people coming to the facility because of her charm, awareness, compassion and care. Thanks for any help. My dr has prescribed 1 norco every 6 hours, so 4 norco in a 24 hour period.

My wife will talk with the employment lawyer soon and I'll add anything he says to this post.

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The second part of the definition protecting individuals with a record of a disability would cover, for example, a person who has recovered from cancer or mental illness. There has been a lot of discussions on this forum about driving while taking meds. I demanded to a union rep and didn't say another word. The first number is the mg of Hydrocodone in the pill and the second is the amount of apap or Tylenolso you're taking 5 mg of Hydro and of apap.

This is because the main ingredient in Vicodin — hydrocodone — can cause excessive drowsiness, and is dangerous when mixed with other medications. Subscribe to receive email notifications whenever new articles are published. In one hand my wife's boss is saying that she is trying to protect my wife and her job.

This is something that, at least with my dentists, gets taken care of next-day or at worst later the same week as an emergency appointment. Along with her Fibro issues she has chronic back pain from a fall on the ice when she was younger. Please leave your questions about Vicodin here.

Since you don't regularly use the drug you don't have a tolerance to it so even relatively low doses may have a similar effect. Hit the ibuprofen hard--like mg 4 x mg a few times a day. Last April I suffered a high speed accident when I hit a wall going 85 mph.