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Respectfully I am also taking lithium and they may be working together.

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I have also noticed that sometimes I sleep really good on in and other times I don't sleep at all. Makes me sad, but helps my emotional seizures.

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I have told the DR. It helps to know you are not alone.

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I have a serious problem with the munchies on Seroquel too. Originally Posted by Crystal These people claim that it does not have any adverse affects on your metabolism and it is a matter of will power of eating the right foods and exercising even though clinical studies have shown contrary evidence against this, and my own doctor has told me that seroquel slows down your metabolism.

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Just 20 mg at nights but for a period of 8 months up to today. I continued to take antivan while doing this. Unfortunately — for me… And it sounds like others… There is no perfect medication.

Im sure you might be calculating the weight gain-its not a perfect one pound a week-but that's to be expected-weight gain is never that perfect.

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I remember I was almost I used to be now I'm down to or It is very serious if a drug has a side effect of causing diabetis because it is a degenerative disease that impacts your entire body.

Someone with drastically different genetics may experience more or less weight gain simply based on that factor. If anything, I eat less now and am working out more than ever, and I cannot lose the 70 pounds I packed on with this horrible drug. The reason why the scale doesn't move is because muscle mass and water. The weight gain is very lumpy too and very unflattering. Andrew June 26, I started taking Seroquel mg before bed to help me sleep through manic episodes.

I feel like the only balance is to go back to no sleep for a couple nights and then take it when I am starting to hallucinate, take it. I also drank heavily, as a means of self medicating, and to drown my sorrows of becoming fat. I would be very, very angry if I ever met the person that released Seroquel. I was going to post a question about Seroquel and here it is!

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Seroquel never made me gain weight. Your pancreas is not producing insulin, and if your numbers are not controlled and even if they are, your life expectancy is lowered. I have severe guilt when I eat at night and that brings on a whole different situation for me.

Sherrie a child of God. I had a new found pride in my bigger bust and butt.