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Sourcing Guide for Lidocaine: Lidocaine HCL xylocaine is a topical anesthetic that can be applied to the skin in a cream or with caution in a gel to mucous membranes to produce numbness - and therefore reducing pain. We own a online survival company and we send all of our customers here to buy product for their kits! I make Lidocaine injections for survival kits and sell them therefore, i must have pure lidocaine products not mixed or tainted.

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Strive for the best health you can have in all areas of your life by making mindful, healthy choices. We have been shipping high-grade Lidocaine HCL powder and related products since Lidocaine works good for pain and this is all I want from it. Our exclusive Free shipping services are extremely fast and can arrive within 24hours. Lidocaine Lid-oh-kane is a medicine which is used in neuropathic pain.

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Lidocaine is used in numbing the skin, which is the ideal product for reducing pain, it is sometimes applied to the skin, used for medical procedures, dental procedures turned into liquid form to numb the area before injections, tattoos, and anything else where pain reduction is necessary as it produces instant numbness.

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We are the leading supplier of Lidocaine and related products. The information in this Medicine Guide for lidocaine varies according to the condition being treated and the particular preparation used. Select the product and clear the payments, and within a day you will get it delivered at your doorsteps. Lidocaine hydrochloride raw procaine base, lidocaine hcl, procaine base, procaien hcl powders Synonyms: Wuhan Magic Biotechnology Co.

You may also be interested in: Shipping is always free within the U. We are the leading supplier of Lidocaine and Benzocaine powders and related products. Fast Subscription, Precise Recommendation Product Alert Subscribe to product alert and stay updated to what's new and popular on the market.

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The Premium Quality Product: Zhongshan Yuanhang E-Commercial Co. Lidocaine Lidocaine Lidocaine product Name: The pharmaceutical grade- product is available at the lowest prices any individual can afford. In the convenient powder form we offer for sale, lidocaine can be easily dissolved in liquids or mixed with cream for topical application to large areas of the skin. Our vision is to provide the Purest and Best Quality product to the people.