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He is frustrated with no relief, gets deeply depressed, cries and is desperate for stability. Kristen April 4,3: Felt ok while I was on it but then on my fifth week started crying and feeling depressed. That's actually a pretty rediculously high dose I think it only goes up to like 25 mg.

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I stop taking in caffeine and nicotine a little while before bedtime most nights, which seems to help a bit. Was on a 25 mg long acting injection and two weeks ago switched to an oral form of 2mg so I can taper it.

Is it true paranoia hallucinations and delusions would occur? The fact that this is a complex of several makes it very complicated because you may be reacting to one or more of them. You must sign in to view your friends. I am going through this right now with seroquel, which I have been on since Um, I had a hard time stopping risperdal, a bit, but it was doable.

No withdrawal symptoms until a few days ago, a little too happy, mild nausea and unable to sleep through the night. Otherwise, I feel and am functioning great.

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Yesterday I lowered my dose to 1. I laugh ALL of the time now, am losing weight already appetite seems to be normalizingand generally feel so much more alive now. This is not surprising, considering most antipsychotic drugs are known to have a detrimental effect on cognitive processing and retrieval of memory. In the first two weeks I was also lying in bed all the time, I had no energy, I was depressed.

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But i am ok. Good luck, I hope your son is able to calm down and sleep. Waves of bleakness and despair I have never before experienced are frequent along with severe sleep disruption and intense anxiety. Kim Lachance December 1,6: I sleep well and have no anxiety. Hey, so I was diagnosed with a psychosis and took up to 4 mg for three months. Stairs, although manageable for her, are a danger.

Hi, I was on risperidone for 5 years even though my doctor insisted I stay on it. I pace the floor, think crazy thoughts, and want to be committed. These symptoms are awful.