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Anabolic steroids are testosterone and other synthetically produced variants of testosterone which are most often abused by body builders and other athletes who want to increase muscle mass and sports performance dramatically.

Anabolic steroid abuse is something that most of us have heard about but you may not be aware that testosterone prescribed for you may be the culprit in a poor semen analysis result.

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Hi Julia, If you became pregnant today, the sperm that fertilized your egg would have been made no less than about 80 days ago because that how long it takes to make a sperm and get it to a mature stage so what he was exposed to during the last 10 day so that time is probably not a major factor; however, this is a medical question that would be more appropriate for your doctor to answer. Thanks in advance Carole Says: I also asked her if the medication could be a problem, she didnt seem to think so, however, didnt appear confident.

My concern is sperm fertility Male.

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We got pregnant that month and I miscarried at 6 weeks. When I am taking the hormone, the bleeding gets better, but I keep getting the brown discharge and there is intermittent bleed. I don't urinate often and have no urgency when I need to go Let Zygote Science help! Is it known if having an flu vaccination has an impact on sperm production or quality?

HI Cindy, I would follow up with a male infertility specialist board certified urologist specializing in male infertility. It may cause minor side effects like nausea. I am worried that I will let my wife down if my sperm is not so good because I am still single and my age is 31 years.

When your doctor prescribes antihypertensives, ask about any known reproductive side effects.

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I had already 1 baby boy,my semen look weter jus 30 days,before 30 days my semen look like youghart,ans Hi, difficult to make the difference without doing a spermogram.

The semen sample is looked at with a microscope to count the number of sperm, look at their shape and to determine the percentage that are active motile. I am kidney Transplant patient and taking ciclosporin and beta-blockers.

October 17th, at The University of Iowa Urology Department website has an informative page listing some of the medications that have been shown to cause problems.

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Ideally, you should deliver the sample to the laboratory within one hour of production. January 27th, at I have been taking prenatals for over a year now, as well as DHA.

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However, the more normal sperm there are and the higher the percentage that are active, the greater the chance of fertility.