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By the NEXT diaper change he was just fine Like i cabt sit still! You can read some of my prior post on these pages, took about a year to heal.

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That said, triamcinolone is a potent steroid that many dermatologists don't use on delicate genital skin--so I wonder whether you now have a problem related to that cream.

My new Dr told me the Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide By using this Site you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. After 2 months, i went to the gyno again and she said she saw yeas tand no sign of std, she gave me nystatin pills and triamcinolone cream to insert into the vagina, but im still in pain.

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Another month later I started feeling the "tingling" sensation again and upon further self examination I can see a few tiny red pimple like spots only when I stretch the skin on the head of my penis. And you can find more information about thrush and trichomoniasis in. I don't know your context for your question but I guess you mean SOC which is standard of care which is not used so much now with the new treatments for hep c.

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Are there certain things I can do to make sure I get pregnant? I used it and it seemed to control the itching but never made it go away. I am going to look into this further, but if anyone has any feedback on this post it.

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Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I had a similar symptoms like most of you. DR, what could this be and thank you for any info you could give both of us. It got rid of my rash and the itching and I had a serious generalized rash going on because my treating team had no clue how to treat it. It will also help if you tell your partner to have the same treatment.

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Some dude White Lake, MI. Find what you want! Jman Santa Monica, CA.

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I am willing to do anything to get rid of this. Im heated i got head n her teeth scraped like 3 times so i told her to be morecareful n she did it right: View top members Find a member.