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Still, Crestor is not without dangers. I feel that this is still very xpensive for seniors. How Much is Enough? Still, Pfizer hopes that doctors will take notice. This is a lot, and most people don't need this much of a reduction, certainly that much of the powerful drug. Rosuvastatin, aside from Lipitor atorvastatinis the most potent statin for lowering LDL. I am currently taking Crestor which my doctor lowered from 10mg to 5mg. Heart disease can lead to heart attack.

Statins Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk Researchers say high cholesterol is a major contributor to heart health problems and statins are an effective way Some people have to switch between cholesterol drugs before finding the right one, so knowing that the dosage can be very different is important. Is there an other drug I can take that will be less, not Lipitor I got muscle pains when using Lipitor thank you. Drugs were reasonable and you did need to provide a doctor's prescription, which not everyone out there on the internet does.

We won't share your email address. A specific system of enzymes found mostly in specialized liver cells break down simvastatin and other statins.

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Sign me up for Healthline's Newsletter. I wish you luck with 20mg my friend and really hope you dont suffer any liver damage.

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Slows down the buildup of fatty deposits in your blood vessels, otherwise known as a hardening of the arteries. Learn the warning signs There are a lot of reasons that a lot of people are unhappy about these results.

Each person is different and has different health risks. After much research, it is clear that statins are dangerous. CSA Schedule View glossary of terms. What You Should Know Simvastatin vs atorvastatin.

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Simvastatin Zocor and Crestor rosuvastatin are both statins that lower bloodstream cholesterol to manage heart disease and various other cardiovascular conditions. After taking Niaspan mg my HDl jumped to 54—a 14 point rise. Speaking from my personal experience, eDrugSearch.