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In fact, the individual and pooled estimates from the RCTs were all neutral; the estimates comparing with other medication were neutral, as well.

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The anti-cancer effect of metformin may also be applicable to diabetic Asians, who are generally lean and insulinopenic [12]given the fact that they have a higher cancer risk than non-diabetic Asians [12] — [14] and the data for Asians [39] were in line with the results of our meta-analyses.

When the potential bias because of insulin treatment as comparator was taken into account, the conclusions did not change. An association between metformin use and breast cancer risk in patients with diabetes would further support its research development as a breast cancer preventive agent in patients with diabetes or insulin-resistant women, who make up a large proportion of Western populations.

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Immortal time bias, for example, can arise when the period between cohort entry and date of first exposure to metformin, during which cancer has not occurred, is either misclassified or simply excluded and not accounted for in the analysis. Summary risk estimates for individual organs were obtained only for breast cancer, for which we had at least 4 studies. Inpatients of the hospital with available test.

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This person-time is immortal and should have been classified as unexposed until the start of metformin, at which point the remaining person-time should be classified as metformin-exposed. Prevention of pancreatic cancer induction in hamsters by metformin.

The time between entry into the cohort and the first metformin prescription thus is immortal thick line because the subject must survive to receive this first metformin prescription and is misclassified as exposed to metformin when in fact it is exposed to sulfonylurea, leading to immortal time bias. Breast Cancer Res Treat ; Simultaneous adjustment for both BMI and time-related biases results in loss of statistical significance, albeit based on few studies.

Previous studies have suggested that elevated levels of insulin and IGF may play important roles in hepatic fibrosis and fibrosis progression 67 and hepatocellular carcinoma HCC 89 as well as other types of cancers 10 — Antidiabetic therapies affect risk of pancreatic cancer. Diabetologia ; The SRRs from subgroups of studies adjusted for BMI and with prospective designs did not suggest a significant reduction in cancer risk.


In that study, the authors used administrative databases from the Taiwanese National Health Insurance program to extract a cohort of 19, patients who were treated with antidiabetic agents between and Figure 1 Study Flow. A consensus on complexity.

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Clin Sci Lond ; Based on the data presented in the study, the 16, patients who ever used metformin generated 93, person-years of exposure, an average of 5. In general, compared with non-users of antidiabetic medications, those exposed to single therapies did not have lower cancer risks. Some studies excluded the data for metformin exposure less than 1 year [50][52] or 2 years [58] to minimize bias.

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For example, a few prior studies that accounted for time-related bias produced conflicting results for metformin, with some finding lower risks from metformin, 1720—27 and one finding an increased risk. The cancer risk for metformin users was not significantly different from that for rosiglitazone or sulfonylurea users in RCTs [46] — [48].

Nonusers should be alive and cancer free at entry into the cohort just like the matched users, but the net effect of selecting the nonusers with replacement is twofold.

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