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Suzzane — when someone is depressed to the level of contemplating suicide, there is a lot more going on than just upset that he cannot have a baby. My dr has prescribed me Zoloft 50 this time with vitamin E mg twice I am confused about taking this anti depressant as my wife is working hard for her PCOs treatment and we may expect any time if get lucky.

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My wife is wanting to have another child and we have been trying for a few years now. Earn course certificates and optional CME.

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You can visit her blog at http: I am just wondering if this medication was the reason for this? These two images were begging to be joined. Other studies have demonstrated a decrease in sperm motility and viability during treatment with SSRIs that started to improve within a few weeks of stopping the medication.

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But remember, you only need 1! Sperm technically take 72 days, so expect any effects of medication affecting morphology and motility to take almost 3 months off meds to correct. I had my iud removed in Jan. Now SSRIs are also being used to help some men overcome premature ejaculation with good results. Zinc 20mg with Copper 2mg twice a day along with Selenium mcg twice a day are needed for appropriate testosterone production as well as most other functions of the body.

September 25, at 5: Paroxetine was also associated with significant sexual dysfunction, with one third of men reporting problems with erectile function and nearly half reporting ejaculatory difficulties. Depression, trowing up, lexapro. Whatever the case, for someone like this, they would benefit from optimizing their diet and lifestyle to maximize not only their sperm count, but also their mood and well-being as well. Men should consider the side effects and possibly stop the SSRI and choose to deal with premature ejaculation while they are trying to conceive, then resume taking the medication their partner becomes pregnant.

November 30, at 2: I used OPK's last month and I didn't conceive! July 21, at 9: Although transient GI side effects such as nausea and soft stools are very common, as are the longer term side effects of insomnia, fatigue, and constipation, the benefits of treatment usually outweigh the risk of these side effects.

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Do you live in Canada? Instead, eliminating all gluten, dairy, sugar, pesticides, artificial colors, preservatives, etc. As it is, chronic stress and depression can lower a man's level of testosterone, which in turn can decrease his sperm count.