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You could also try what my dr. What other factors were at play?

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The same dose, the same drug, the same amount 30 pills. Just because it was fine with one child absolutely does not guarantee it will be with the next. I've had Dr's try to prescribe me migraine meds that would've caused birth defects or abortion. Here's the scoop from my godmother who is a doctor and backed up by a good friend who is a pharmacist. Should you take ondansetron? It really helped, and my doctor said it was completely safe.

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It helped me with the vomitting but I still had the nauseous feeling, but it kept me from getting sick and allowed me to eat and drink at least a little. The most passionate responses often come from women sitting in one of three camps: However, if you have severe nausea and vomiting that does not improve with these methods or other nausea medication, your doctor may prescribe ondansetron.

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Oldest Newest 40 Posts. The most passionate responses often come from women sitting in one of three camps:. What are Braxton Hicks contractions? Witch means it desolves under your tongue. But did Zofran cause the defects? So what is the debate all about? I've already lost my job. But my doctor gave me compazine spelling? However, more recent studies have raised concern over the possibility of a doubling in risk of cleft palate and heart defects in newborns exposed to ondansetron during pregnancy.

I am taking it and it is a life saver! Any advice would help!!!! According to the U.

What are the actual claims being made?

You might also like. Well I can really sympothize with you. If you're nervous, you can cut one in half and take it only once every other day. My doctor prescribed it to me because my morning sickness is so bad but I've read a lot of bad reviews on it. Furthermore, if you have been experiencing dizziness, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, or an irregular heartbeat after having taken Zofran, seek emergency medical attention and contact your primary care physician.

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