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I, also, was concerned about NOT having alcohol. You will be fine taking 2 Tylenol, as long as you are not exceeding 4,mg of Acetaminophen also known as Tylenol in a hour period. Many patients, he says, fear that exercise will lead to additional damage of their joints. What is the comparison between Tylenol 3 vs Tylenol extra strength?

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They should administer a blood test for your liver and such. Since regular acetaminophen only provides pain relief for about four hours, most people need to take it more than once a day to get reasonable relief throughout the day. Often people don't realize that these medicines contain acetaminophen, and so accidentally overshoot the daily safe limit.

Share Reply to Bob Bell. You need a liver screen badly to see what damage may have been done. I have taken Extra strength tylenols caplets for a long period of time and maybe that's what's causing the burning in my abdomen. I posed your question to two specialists at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre: Anything short of a Miracle, and I do believe in miracles, I will need a knee replacement. You should encourage your mother to talk to her doctor about why she has so many bad headaches. After taking Tylenol, when can I take Advil?

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Can you die from taking too much Tylenol? Thank you, sincerely, Carol. These drugs combine acetaminophen with stronger, opiate-type painkillers. Who is taking grams a day … and surviving? NSAIDs can make you sick, too, but it takes a larger amount to reach a dangerous overdose. Mar, been super busy all day. To view content sources and attributions, please refer to our editorial policy.

Share Reply to Julie Agnew. People reported their acetaminophen use, and researchers tracked any health problems they might have.

By Mary Jo DiLonardo. Related Questions How long does it take Tylenol to be effective? If it's not too late.

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