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It is convenient to put the cream on when you're going to be laying mostly still for at least 8 hours. I don't think it can be active scabies mites as the treatment was done just 2 days ago.

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Dear dermatologist ,if I donot have scabies,what do I have?? We were both skin tested and nothing was found. Not only did I not get an answer, the entire night, friday she also quit bringing the children. There have been no clinical trials to suggest tea tree oil works to get rid of scabies.

Hang in there, it is beatable. Truly, I am not sure how people can live like this and no one talks about it.

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I am reading that you still have affects after of the scabies due to their bodies, saliva, and feces after treatment for a month or two. Not having anyone on a mattress for a couple of days would be the equivalent.

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Ask your doctor before treating your scalp! I was curious about that too. I might only add, this is a difficult time we are going through, and we are trying to make the most of it wherever possible.

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My family and I just used our 1st Permethrin treatment. The second treatment I did sleep in and the bumps came out way worse about 2 days after. The scabies mite that survives on humans cannot survive on another animal, like a dog.

I can tell you from personal experience that mites can infect the face and scalp.


How does that work? See my first post: This is a picture of a new bump on my wrist. Katie Collette September 22, at 6: It comes as a 3 mg tablet. Anonymous June 1, at 3: Anonymous October 20, at Thanks so much for your informative blog post!

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