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Companies and Intellectual Property Commission. Must have Memorandum of Incorporation attached. You are using an outdated bfullser. Please upgrade your bfullser to improve your experience.

Payment of a filing fee of R There has been much debate in the media about the CIPC and its current inability to keep up with the requirements of the South African business's. This is advised due to the backlog being experienced in name reservations.

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Please note it is essential that you fill in all fields in the register especially the tracking number in order for CIPC to investigate. We will be posting the full updated Backlog stats on our website regularly.

Notice of Consolidated revision of Memorandum of Incorporation 3 or more amendments have been made.

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Must be accompanied by a filing fee of R75 if filed manually, or R50 if filed electronically; and any relevant documentation or evidence required in terms of Regulation 8. This site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 in x screen resolution. Must be accompanied by a filing fee of R if filed manually, or R75 if filed electronically, and evidence as required by Regulation 11 1 b.

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Payment of a filing fee, unless it is the first such filing by a pre-existing company, as contemplated in Schedule 5, Item 4 2: This form must be filed with CoR Must be accompanied by a filing fee, the Memorandum of Incorporation, and the consents required by Regulation 19 1 a.

Payment of R filing fee. Payment of R fee.

CIPC strives to improve customer service. Notice of Amendment to the Memorandum of Incorporation Draft of proposed amendment may be lodged for vetting purposes. The purpose of this volunteer program was to assist in the processing of backlogs in key areas.

Notice of Alteration of Memorandum of Incorporation purpose of correcting mistakes such as errors, etc.

Extension of call centre hours from 8: RSS Feeds - What is this? When submitting name reservations please do self check to identify any similar registered names by doing the following: The company will be known by its registration number, the company can proceed with contracting and opening bank accounts etc.

Filing fee is nil for 3 three years from effective date of the Act, but only if the current name of the Close Corporation is kept.

R subject to allowed reduction. Must be accompanied by a copy of the certificate of registration or comparable document issued by the jurisdiction within which the company was incorporated, and other items required by Regulation Payment of R filing fee, plus ancillary fees for any registration of new company, orde-registration of existing company.