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In serious cases of addiction, those affected fail to attend work or school on a regular basis. Really this can potentially happen to nearly anyone, as we will all have the occasional illness or injury, it just depends on how susceptible we are to chemical dependency. People who abuse Vicodin tend to have negative health issues, problems with social relationships, and issues with work or school. Speak with an Admissions Coordinator The additive effects of opioids slow vital centers of the brainstem that controls breathing and heart rate.

Fortunately, by engaging in proven effective therapeutic interventions, an addiction to Vicodin can be successfully overcome.

Physical Symptoms

Home About Narconon Narconon: According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in more than 23 million adults and children over the age of 12 reported using some form of hydrocodone at least once for non-medical purposes.

Vicodin abusers commonly break the law in an attempt to acquire more of the drug.

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What to Do About Vicodin Addiction: When Vicodin abuse persists without intervention, an individual becomes susceptible to experiencing a great deal of negative ramifications.

We provide an holistic Vicodin rehab program in southern California that is unparalleled.

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Taking one gram of acetaminophen at one time could cause permanent liver damage if done regularly; over mg in a single dose poses a significant risk of toxicity. This can cause them to be more likely to use later on in life due to being desensitized to drug abuse. Anything that enhances the effects of Vicodin can lead to overdose effects, slowing your breathing and heart rate to dangerous levels.

Pharmacy thefts are so frequent in some areas that some drugstore chains restrict the distribution of these drugs only a few locations. Often substance abuse is accompanied by another mental health condition.

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Pharmacy theft is one of these crimes. The signs and symptoms of Vicodin abuse will be common to abuse of other opiates or synthetic opiates, referred to as opioids. Either way releases a high dose of hydrocodone into the bloodstream very quickly, thus intensifying the pleasurable effects. Vicodin tablets usually contain mg of acetaminophen and 5 mg hydrocodone, although stronger dosages include.

Addiction always has an element of psychological AND physical dependence on a drug. One of the biggest problems with treating opiate dependence in a traditional manner is how to handle the pain that results when people are fully detoxed. Narconon lists a variety of physical symptoms that may arise in a Vicodin addict including, but not limited to:.

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Symptoms and effects that are known to accompany the withdrawal process may include the following:. Genetic influences are noted as playing a major role in the development of an addiction to drugs like Vicodin.

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