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Coping with miscarriage Miscarriage occurs in roughly one in four pregnancies. My husband and I went out for a quick lunch to get my mind off things. I watched a few movies with my husband - it was good as it distracted me. I had to collect it from the toilet to bring in for testing. Not Trying, Not Preventing. And that was it. I started feeling cramps I went back to the hospital this morning for a scan to check if the 'products of conception' had cleared.

I am so sorry for anyone else who has to go through this! I called the doctor and she called me in on Monday morning for an emergency ultrasound. New to the forum? It is definitely not for everyone.

I was incredibly sad, although I was not too suprised, as I had suspected this might be the case. Since I'm still bleeding light and heavy, different every few daysI figure that it might still take me a little longer than other people.

I decided to go the cytotec route, and made an appointment with an OB.

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I got the chills so bad the bed rattled. The bleeding slowed right down. Well I went in today for an Ultrasound and the baby and placenta have not passed: But again, it didn't last too long a couple of hours and I had some Rx strength ibuprofen to relieve some discomfort. I should say this is the second time I have done misoprostol but the first time I took it orally and had a blighted ovum so was about 8 wks along although there really wasn't much there.

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Even today, I have off-and-on sudden twinges of cramps. I continued the medication for two weeks but unfortunately I have to get back to work. She also told me that it would not be like a period in the sense of the flow. All that to say, I recommend talking through how he administers the drug so you might get a little more info on efficacy.

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Misoprostol - I use cytotec and I only bleed for one day am here to ask if I have abort the? I go in for an ultrasound Thursday so we shall see; however, knowing my luck I'll need a D and C: I was 6 weeks along when I started spotting red and brown blood on and off. My doctor gave me three options: