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But then I think what if it takes longer and I'm withdrawing over Christmas and new year don't want to ruin it for my family - they're amazing and I'm very lucky to have them.

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How are you feeling? Its not the outer plasticy part of the tablet which slows their release. Therefore, individuals taking tramadol for a long time, and especially those taking large doses, may be more heavily dependent on the drug. Every time I try and stop I fail ive tried cold turkey and tapering but still fail.

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I still have withdrawl symptoms if I go more than 24 hrs with taking the pill. My dr first prescribed hydrocodone for the first year and a half.

Please continuse to post. Available for Android and iOS devices. I have read u can take iron for restless legs. I have been taking a generic of tramadol Ultracet which is I moved to another state in order to change my life but now I am experiencing the worst withdrawls I have ever seen.

I was also going to ask are you on any other meds that affect mental functions such as anti-depressants or mood stablisers for bi-polar? We expect comments to be civil in tone and language. Can I safely now just quit taking the half tramadol tablet?

People in Pain Often End Up on Tramadol:

You say that I am addicted, I say so what at my age. I have also discounted material goods as a form of hapiness! There's nothing I can take that will take the withdrawals away long enough for me to get off of it. I could be wrong but i'm guessing you're an American expat.

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I took time off work when i got down to a low dose and was planning to quit completely. Don't beat yourself up about it, there are worst things you could do and this addiction can happen to anyone. Making it feel better is not the solution. If multiple meds do only one at a time.

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It happens every five-seven days of being so hyped up, then not sleeping well, but still being hyped up. I wasn't warned about any possible side effects, other than they may cause drowsiness. Oh and I tried exercising. The students love it too, lots of fun.