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Six weeks of nose running, flu, body pain, and an appetite that would have made dead rats look good if you offered me catsup.

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Detoxing may not be an option is there a way to cope with these withdrawal symptoms. Was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. The biggest thing which could be unrelated is what I think are heat and stress hives on my hands and fingers mostly.

I initially had been missing several days in a row and did not know where I was as far as dosage so I just took one pill a day for about 2 weeks, then I started skipping 1 or more days took about 3 months. Paxil, Pristiq, Celexa The only one that worked well for me was Pristiq but my insurance company would not cover it and it was too expensive to maintain on my budget. Im been of wellbuttin for a month and a half. Wish my old doc hadn't retired. I am also taking cipralex 15mg, diazepam 2.

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What can I expect from cutting my dose in half? And big tiredness,needing to sleep a lot. No more dry mouth and able to read a book. No physical symptoms really.


I had been on Wellbutrin for well over ten years. I have anxiety- she also cut my Xanax way down- developed a bad case of hives first time in my life. I was dizzy and "waterlogged brain" 2 hrs.

From the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline http: I had a bit of an anxiety problem before… but meds have made it 10 times worse. I am amazed at all the wild tales about side effects of stopping or starting Welbutrin.

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They switched me to Lexapro the second I found out that I was pregnant. We, the patients, are making it way too easy for doctors by simply taking whatever they prescribe to us instead of doing our own research and asking questions…. Stay strong, stay committed.

See, You Tube, Genetic Roulette: It has not been tested satisfactorily on children, and they should not be given Wellbutrin. I have had headaches and dizziness as well.