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Two weeks after he passed, I went in for another biopsy and had 15 samples taken. Why not just stop taking the drug and try something else? More recent research suggest that statin drugs such as Crestor may cause users to experience decreased energy, fatigue upon exertion or both—as well as muscle aches and pains typically experienced by some patients.

I am 47 Male.

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I will discuss with my doctor an alternative. My cardiologist said that she had never heard of this reaction. Let's be friends — join our Facebook community Join us!

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For more information about Forteo and other treatments, we are sending you our Guide to Osteoporosis. Business of Medicine Navigate the complex business, legal, and ethical arenas towards building and maintaining a successful medical practice.

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Not always worked and crooked erections with unstable erections. Get tired some days. But they go one further… "There is reason to believe that all statins may have a negative impact on sexual function by lowering testosterone levels.

Rez uK September 27, at 8: Posted by Amin Ahmed on November 30, Learn how to stop I have lost alot of weight and I am going to discontinue the simvastatin for a week or two and hope my erection returns. Think it is working. Learn from Experienced Professionals. Statins Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk Researchers say high cholesterol is a major contributor to heart health problems and statins are an effective way Instead, the clogged arteries themselves may be the cause.

Twelve drill samples later, the doctor told me I had no cancer in 11 samples, but one was atypical which meant I needed to be re-tested 6 months later.

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What You Need to Know Dyslipidemia refers to unhealthy levels of one or more kinds of lipid fat in your blood. I had an annual Physical Exam, my cholesteral was high, the Dr. Tony Washington June 13, at 2: From ,I started having ED.

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Answer this Question Report Favorite. They make generic Viagra also, which is what I use. I had the normal sexual urges but when we had the chance — getting an erection was more than difficult. This article changed my life!