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I also take Xanax for anxiety, as it is severe. There was a problem adding your email Try again. Have you tried drinking lukewarm 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning?

Can anyone relate to this. Together, you'll be able to come up with a new game plan for you. Wellbutrin sr and effexor xr Quote: Thanks so much for all your candidness. Wellbutrin XL mg and weight loss? You must sign in to view your friends. Unfortunately, at the start of that abuse I thought it had to some crazy misunderstanding. Anyone else on effexor AND wellbutrin combo? I find it's working for me. To view content sources and attributions, please refer to our editorial policy. I don't think they did me much good.

This med seemed very helpful when first began. Well, it gradually decreased over one month.

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I was asked after the death of my brother, "Why aren't you over that yet"? Effexor is also approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration FDA for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety and panic disorder. I didn't have the heart pounding episode like I did the first go around, but I have noticed I still get what I call "brain shocks" every once in a while I'm curious what the proper term for those are?

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Search this Thread Advanced Search. GunshotGlitter on April 21It's obvious, and I'm sure you've been told this, but you gotta weigh the toll a situation takes on you versus the impact of change.

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Dizziness, "shocks" in my head when I moved my eyes from side to side, very poor appetite, etc. Don't get me wrong life happens and the meds don't keep from having to deal with it. Imbalances in certain chemicals within the brain can lead to depression and anxiety.

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I hope they help.