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This time I felt awful. I am glad that Wellbutrin is working so well for you. I'm already taking agomelatine with my parnate, ago is nice-mild, ensures good sleep, I'm not sure about much of a 5ht2c benefit for me though.

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This all happened in the span of a day or two; for a while I felt like I had an internal tug-of-war going on between this new, indifferent "self" and the old me that was depressed, but at least still sensitive.

I felt pretty OK at first, I didn't think about dying as much. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Also, a recognition of self breaks down hence the name.

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I feel like I've resolved all the issues that originally caused my depression -- I'm much more confident in my ability to win friends, attract women, and lead an interesting life. Mar 25, '03 by SusanRN Otherwise, it has been a life saver for me! But you and I sound very much like people that should be on medications to control or fears or thoughts. VERY dry mouth so bad that my tongue would be literally stuck to the roof of my mouth in the morning I finished high school, got into an extremely competitive college in the US, did internships, jobs, dated girls, finished college with honors, become much more extroverted, made friends all over the world, started grad school.

Bupropion is an anticholinergic, which is very common among prescription drugs, but recently anticholinergic drugs have been associated with cognitive impairment and increased mortality. I'm just scared if I come off of it all the positives I've experienced will go out the window. Thanks for your reply!

While this was a relief after crying all the time for weeks on end, in a way it was even scarier, because the same happened to the positive "extremes. Actually, I could pretty much see myself having written your post except I went to Asia instead of Germany. Rash; itching; excessive sweating; flushing. This med is also abused on the street in high doses,because of it's "speedy" quality.

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No sexual content and definitely not images which is not permitted in a post! Submit a school review today! I had muscle tension on it. Decide whether to stop the drug or stop breastfeeding, taking into account the importance of the drug to the mother.

I don't seem to have any long-term plans or dreams, or great fears for that matter. Individuals who experience depersonalization feel divorced from their own personal physicality by sensing their body sensations, feelings, emotions and behaviors as not belonging to the same person or identity. I started seeing a therapist in the fall and a psychiatrist this spring.