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You can also get specialist bird products like S76 which is designed to be mixed into the drinking water of birds. I know other members use it too and hopefully they will be on to tell their experiences. Minimum dosage of 5. The efficacy of activated charcoal in gut decontamination following ingestion of ivermectin has not been documented and warrants investigation.

Register Today's Posts Search. Acute toxic symptoms associated with massive overdoses in cats will appear within 10 hours of ingestion. Sheep Ivomec is designed to be used ORALLY on sheep and therefore does not have some of the same ingredients that make it easily absorbed through skin as does the cattle pour-on products. Not sure if it will help for budgies but I've been told that charcoal absorbs toxins in the stomach for children and adults it's been also given to dogs before when they digest something that could potentially kill them Now she seems quiet but ok.

Ivermectin is well distributed to most tissues, but does not readily penetrate into the CSF, thereby minimizing its toxicity. In birds, death, lethargy or anorexia may be seen. Yes as Randy has said call the vets ASAP I'm only saying the charcoal as it takes your budgie about three hours for him to digest and by the time of your post its reaching that time now if it hasn't already Ivermectin is approved in horses for the control of: I honestly don't know if this medication would help in any way because an overdose of Ivermectin is toxic to the liver and this stuff has been in the bird's system for quite a while now but you have nothing to lose by trying.

Reproductive performance in male animals is also apparently unaltered. Approved for use in dogs.

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I finished worming all my birds yesterday with Eqvalan ivomectin 47 birds. Budgie Owner Join Date: The alcohol based Ivermectin is much stronger and is not usually used for birds and we never use an injectable type here in Australia. If negative at that time, begin prophylaxis therapy.

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Orange-cheeked Waxbill Finches and budgerigars may be more sensitive to ivermectin than other species Chemistry An avermectin anthelmintic, ivermectin occurs as an off-white to yellowish powder. Most people would rather just whack a drop on the back of the neck and be done with it, especially if you have hundreds of birds!! Originally Posted by pigeonperson I can make a suggestion but I hope you don't hold me to it because I never used Benadryl for a bird.

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The ED50 dose convulsants were not effective in reducing or alleviating ivermectin toxicity, nor was alleviation of any sign of ivermectin toxicity obtained with any dosage of beta-CCM. I was told by my vet that to only put two drops as you could overdose but I'm not sure on the dose myself but I'm sure someone will be along soon to help you out with more experience!

If the dose is mg per kilogram, I would compromise with 3mg per kilogram. The manufacturer recommends that ivermectin not be used in foals less than 4 months old, as safety of the drug in animals this young has not been firmly established. Contact Us - Advertise - pigeons.

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In the past, we have always individually dosed ours with Pyrantal but right now we have so many that we decided to flock treat.