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Find all posts by usedtobe. Don't take my word for it, check out the links below which will back all of this up. The main ingredient in Lortab is hydrocodone. Hydrocodone metabolizes into hydromorphone, which then undergo phase 2 glucuronidation. Our Medicaid system sent a letter to the state board after the guidelines came out essentially saying that just because the board required it didn't mean they were going to pay for it.

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Are they targeting the non-medical use of prescription pain relievers? So wile you may have been within the detection period for hydrocodone showing up on a drug screen, the test itself most likely does not include hydrocodone…but check with the HR department or the lab itself for more information. Apparently I have to wait for the results, then its the reviewers discretion.

They tested for more than just the regular 5 panel though. There are different types of drug tests available which test for the presence of Vicodin in your system.

Hydrocodone detection

Seeing over 48 hours I took less than mg of hydrocodone would I pass the test for Hydrocodone? I plan on calling monday and going in on friday.

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But as far as I know, prescription pain medicines, when taken as prescribed, are not the legal basis for firing an employee. When you say " strength", to what are you referring?

I am taking oxycodone2 pills a day, a half each time, but my drug tests are showing I am taking hydrocodone. Will I test positive with a 3 panel test for them?

Vicodin Hair & Saliva Testing

I want to call on Monday to say I want n apology when send out lab comes back. I get tested in about 5 or 6 days. Well, my question is: Please get back at me. I have only taken two pills for chest and body pain.

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The thing is, I couldn't have been more wrong So, I was curious as if they would be able to tell the difference. Hydrocodone is a narcotic while acetaminophen is non-narcotic. I am not sure if insurance companies use blood tests to screen for drugs.