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In conclusion, our study indicated that Topiramate added to usual treatment of opiate withdrawal is more efficacious than the usual treatment alone. Wiki Research Mission Statement Donate!

My doc just prescribed me topamax for the cravings for opiates. I'm prescribed this drug for migraines. With more robust methodology, we found a significant difference in 2 groups in objective symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Brain Res ; I'm interested in your experiences with it for addiction!

I really dont want to add or become dependent on another drug which seems to happen fairly easily for me but I think Im gonna need all the help I can get. I cant believe we live in a world where people post the words "Relapse" and "Abuse" instead of living in a world where anyone can have any drug they want any time.

This is the place to be to get off and stay off Tramadol. A possible neurophysiological basis of cocaine craving. A randomized control trial Journal: Mann-whiteney test showed a significant difference between 2 groups in terms of Subjective symptoms of opioid withdrawal in SOWS. Because the most withdrawal symptoms of Heroin is seen in first hours of withdrawal, the efficacy of Topiramate on third day seems to be more important.

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Trujillo KA, Akil H. History of substance use in referred patients for detoxification.

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I take them and I can go without taking them and nothing happens. My guess is you need to change doctors. The first one was mainly a case report that reported the efficacy of Topiramate in treating opiate withdrawal.

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Drug Alcohol Depend ; SOWS is a self-report scale which has 16 questions. AMPA drugs have to be studied more and have been.

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I'd suggest reading the TDS-specific forum guidelines for clarification on what is generally discussed, and what generally isn't, here And so, as promised These drugs are NOT smart however, and dont know how to specifically target the dopamine rush you get from using alone. A person is more damaged from being a genetic dysphoric depressive than if they were abused as a child times, yet the person cant have any medication they want and they are going to be programmed with PsyOps disinfo like "Abuse" and "Relapse"??

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Bounce-back pain I think they've called it here is common when withdrawing from opiate pain-killers. I know that baclofen is actually good for opiate withdrawals as well, but I really dont wanna raise the amount that Im taking with that since Ive already found that if I take more baclofen for even one day its hard for me to then lower the amount and I fear that getting off the Baclofen is gonna really suck even more than the opiates.

My doctor put me on it for my spinal injury and after about a month I lost my mind.