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Giving Your Infant Tylenol. By registering, you agree to receive additional communications regarding product information, promotions, newsletters and surveys from our site. Never use droppers from different medications or spoons from the kitchen.

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Remember to read all medicine labels carefully. Precautions Giving your child more than the recommended dose of Tylenol can overload his liver, the organ that helps filter medications.

If present, your baby needs a medical exam now. Children must be over six months of age to be given ibuprofen Advil or Motrin. One pharmacy teaspoon is equal to 5 milliliters mLs. Always read the label to determine which concentration you have, and dose accordingly. Comments Add a comment.

Seek medical advice if your baby has redness, swelling, and a skin rash or experiences an ongoing headache. If you choose to register with a social provider, certain information will be shared by your social provider with our site. Benadryl comes in a liquid form, chewable form, quick dissolve strips, or as a tablet or capsule. If you have any questions, please contact your doctor. Acetaminophen Tylenol can be found in many prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Don't exceed five doses in 24 hours.

Copyright Barton D. Come in 80,and mg. In these instances we can advise you about the dose. What Types Are Available? Use the dropper enclosed with the bottle of Tylenol Infant Drops to provide accurate measurements. Contact Us Print Resources.

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Don't Have an Account? Doctors recommend using a child's weight instead of age when figuring out how much medicine to give. Don't give more than 5 times a day.