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The cancer support group doesn't talk every day. I also want to talk to the specialist about doing genetic testing before doing the procedure, as a certain genetic mutation would mean that there is no hope of retrieving any sperm, but Mr. DH has even lost some weight as his levels normalized - he is on pills not shots actually, the only shots he would do is tequila Hi My DH has low sperm count, quality and quantity. One such treatment program for low sperm count is the administration of Arimidex.

His blood work all came back normal, the only issue was the low count. Has he seen a uro?

Re: Should DH try Anastrozole/Arimidex?

The worst thing about it is I had two abortions when I was younger thinking that when the time was right I would be able to have children with the right person, the right way when I was well and able to. Is his estrogen high? The Bump Baby Registry.

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Also causing DH headaches My husband is on anastrozole too with T and hCG. Just a tip on the Arimidex if you insurance won't cover it-our would not. Lorem Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Fertile Thoughts allows advertisers to publish information about their services. Thanks for the encouragement.

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Arimidex was originally conceived as a cancer treatment for post menopausal women. There are not many Montreal Chicago Houston Brisbane Vancouver. Help finding shoes and accessories for dress for a wedding Beauty.

Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U. I have cancer Posted by: How long until you got pregnant?? I have talked to him about seeing a urologist but he seems to think he can just tell his pcp that we are ttc and can run some different ideas by him and see if he's willing to let him try any.

Transferred 1 - 8 cell and 2 - 7 cell. Good luck I will be following this to see what others say. And I already know our insurance won't cover it so we will shop around.

We are very happy with the results. IVF won't be an option for me.