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I go to the doctor Kickz May 23, If you have fluid inflammation in ET's, you're blowing more fluid to trap mid- ear. I almost passed out, and I have been dizzy since.

I like using old fashioned sudafed ask for it at the pharmacy -- people make meth out of it so it's controlled but not prescriptionnot the stuff on the shelves which might work for some along with mucus medicine mucinex, even plain Robitussin, the stuff with "guiafenisen" in it -- I probably misspelled that. I bought the stuff the night before and wasn't going to take it before the following morning because that stuff in the past tends to make me feel druggy and very alert.

Post as a guest or become a member today. Kathryns12 April 26, If don't give the uninformed patient an antibiotic, they either report you to the administrator or give you bad scores on your patient satisfaction survey. Most grommets will fall out from 9 to 15 months after being inserted. I'll try the no-dairy and look up the remedy of nasal spray with pepper. The time now is Usually the cause is nasal congestation blocking the eustachian tubes that drain the sinuses and ears to the throat.

I highly recommend this medicine. Anonymous taken for less than 1 month August 4, On Mondays, it's pediatrician Dr. In his normal ear, they carefully watch to be sure nothing is affecting hearing and therefor speech development.

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Today is the 4th day and I am really frustrated with losing my hearing. How to Soothe an Ear Infection. If you have a middle ear infection otitis media or sinus infection associated with your symptoms, then antibiotics may help.


I just add a couple ear drops to my ears and lay down as the drops do their magic. Go see the dizzy doctor in San Diego. I always wear ear protection. It does give me dry mouth so I just drink more water. Find More Posts by flamom. Good Luck with your procedure, get well soon.

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But if you try it make sure that you heat it a little so that it is not cold to the ear which will cause pain.