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I mean what is America's drug companies doing, making the drugs all less potent which I HAVE been suspecting for a while! Helsdilema, I ran a couple googles searches, and from what I can gather Tramadol does match the description you have provided.

I just wish they weren't plain.

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Not sure with the new laws. Will I still need to have a doctor prescribe Tramadol or does it not require a prescription in this Country?

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There are still drs out there who don't even think it's addictive and prescribe it accordingly at our expense. These are all lessons as important as your school work. Is a white and green capsule it said medix is that for pain does it have any codine Learn more Ketorolac details here and you can learn more Tramadol details here. This is not to say that it may very well be Tramadol based on the color and location of the sale.

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To MaisieC Did you go to a rehab facility or did you go cold turkey? I'm worried though, because it is so easily accessable and I dont have very good self control. Last Jump to page: I'm guessing from Mexico. My back is killing me can I I take diabetic pills and I take high b I feel perky, upbeat, positive, and anything but tired. Know what you are getting in mexico, because I I have been taking your advice taking walks eating right and adding more protein!! Citra makes the mg pill and they are worth every penny for pain and pleasure.

Speaking of support network, does your fiance know what you're doing?

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I used to hide my pill-taking from my boyfriend and feel soooooo guilty about it. I have been wondering what the effects on tramadol are on your liver or kidneys, because I haven't been able to find out how these pills are processed in your body. Jul 2, 8. Doses often start out at mg or less but in little time it can turn into hundreds of mgs.

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How would I get a prescription for methadone in mexico?