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Sorry about your buddy. I'll miss her the most.

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But I'm seven years into my chickens, and I've already lost two of them. I've always had cats and I find them to be straightforward affairs: Garden Rant Uprooting the Gardening World. I took the orphan back to the flock she came from.

These chickens are not bred for longevity. We held a funeral and I asked the children if they had any words they wanted to say.

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She was as lucky to have you as a caretaker as you were to have her. I feel the same way about my chickens, and thanks for writing this. After my beloved Alex the cat died, I resolved to not have any more pets. Bless you and your Dolley. When you get a flock of chickens, you don't think much about how they're going to die. I remember the day you brought them home and blogged about it, posting a picture of them all in their little box.

It always makes me cry, but brings a sense of hope to me also. I kept chickens for eggs for several years and you are right, they are so very vulnerable, and therefore an altogether unwise animal to love.

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We are down to four chickens. But to me, Dolley and her flock-mates are pets just like any other, except that they are heartbreakingly vulnerable—to predators, to poisonous plants, to bits of rubber bands they foolishly ingest— and difficult to nurse through complicated medical problems.

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Please choose a color: But as the saying goes: But what a grand experience it is to love and be loved by an animal. The crop is a sort of feed bag that sits atop the breast; food goes there first and then should move along.

Get some pretty chickies in the spring. If you wanted one cat, you'd just get one, on the assumption that it probably wouldn't die.

I remember that we decided to start with four chicks, thinking that we really only wanted three, but hey, one of them might well die of something or other, so we should get a back-up.

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But whatever was blocking it—a growth of some sort, we think—finally got too big and lately she wasn't digesting anything at all. There's not much that one can do for a chicken. Nobody was hungry at dinner that night except Nonny. Sending you a big hug, and some treats for the rest of the gals.

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