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View top members Find a member. Add your Answer Find similar questions. No watson are 5 mg oxycodones not 7. Is a percocet watson ? Subscribe to receive email notifications whenever new articles are published.

If you take two 7.

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Hope this answer clears things up for you. It would save 's of people taking two-three tablets to just get some relief. Top groups Groups by medication Groups by condition. Is a percocet watson ? And Tylenol is a brand not the drug not the same at all. These two statements conflict. It's on the low end of the pain relief scale. How many milligrams is a watson ? You Need to first find out if the pill you have that says Watson is a Vic or perc first.

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Add your Answer Find similar questions. Um I didn't ask u that I asked if a Watson was a percocet but I guess ur to stupid to know so duhhhh. Meaning it contains a mix of 5mg percocet and mg acetominophen tylenol. I have a drug test tomorrow and I took 5 today so will I pass or am I screwed?

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