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Very timely in my life. Just wondering how you reacted to quitting smoking with Wellbutrin. Protriptyline Submitted by AnonymousNurse on November 22, - I am on Zoloft, trying to wean off completely. Wellbutrin XL is supposed to be released over the coarse of 24 hours. I can take a maxalt if i feel a migraine coming on. I thought it was just me.

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Is an increased sex-drive while on Wellbutrin a common side-effect? She adds that smaller dosages of Wellbutrin are often prescribed for women who are already taking SSRIs, to offset their negative sexual side effects. Do you live in Canada?

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Since two days I've fully stopped and am still waiting on the libido and erectability I had before that idea stopping smoking and eating Wellbutrin And Wellbutrin also decreases my sex drive and ability to orgasm. Here is where my complaint comes in.

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Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. There is some evidence that the antidepressant drug, Wellbutrinmay be able to boost women's libido. Research is ongoing on several other products for female libido. While on medication my sexual libido was ok, not great.

Global Pharmaceuticals Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. It's normal to have low libido, says Ellison.

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Johnny bgood December 22, I thought it was supposed to help my depression. Honestly, the libido is almost a bit much to handle, so I'm hoping it is kind of temporary. Still looking for answers?

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Wellbutrin was my last hope and sadly it hasn't worked for me at all!! Now not so much and I find myself missing some of that.

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I'm in the 7 month taking this wonderful pill!!! I couldnt get an erection nor could i have an orgasm until i started Wellbutrin.