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Pointz Anxiety 5 In these cases, however, acute increases in central serotonergic neuronal activity caused by paroxetine might be involved in the phenomenon.

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I also had this in reaction to Paxilwhich I tried to take in the past So, the thought hits us April 7, depressionforums. If you are interested, please consider registering.

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You may report adverse side effects to the FDA at http: I just wanted you to consider if maybe a longer term med would keep you from these ups and downs?

The 1st day I took 10mg Paxil I felt great.

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Frequency of yawning was greater in the morning than in the afternoon. I try not to stay on them any longer than a few months max. I hope It works for u! But just keep that open line of communication open with your doctor Of all the side effects, its the one that bugs me the least though. So I called to see if this could possibly be the Paxil or just my anxiety? I don't think I want to be taking Paxil long term Do not copy or redistribute in any form!

Check symptoms - is yawning caused by a drug or a condition? Both meds helped me tremendously. Yes there is a big diff between it and a normal yawn! No need for any decisions right this minute For example, is the yawning due to taking the Paxil?

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As Paxiled said, it can defintely be hard to come off of I have never been on Paxil. I think I remember when I tried Lexapro a long time ago it did this to me, but can't really remember.