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Seroquel may impair your thinking or reactions. Your research resources are invaluable, by the way, thank you. I would not reccomend taking this drug for the sole purpose of treating insomnia. And as well, the direct evidence that eating too much or eating too much sugar causes diabetes is suspect.

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In which it works really well. No-one feels like a doing a neutral self-analysis based solely on criticism. I took mg of Seroquel for several years in addition to the Risperdal Consta injection bi-monthly and mg Trazodone for sleep and of course mg Lamictal which you would have to pry from my cold dead hands at this point.

During this time we broke up a couple more times, the last one being her calling the police on me in a state of paranoia.

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This is a fantastic article and one of the first I have read that puts Seroquel in a good light! I must know what happen if I must dissolve seroquel in tea or anything else. I agree, if doctors would start people on smaller doses of meds and increase them slowly people would get on them much more successfully.

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Follow us on Twitter. I went from mg to 0 mg in about a month and a half. Yes, I related to your story. This medicine is for you. I just use it as sleeping aid. Too much Seroquel can cause seizures though isnt that part of od-ing. After a week on Seroquel my life has completely changed, i am a new person and am living a full and happy life.

Was diagnosed as bipolar 2 or so years ago and was given Seroquill. Breastfeeding is important though for a babies health, so strongly consider coming off the drug to provide your child with healthy breast milk over potentially destructive formulas. Ive been on it 5 nights and feel soo much better its great…. So the doc and I worked on lowering my lamictal and geodon.

Hi Jacqui, I am also British, Nottinghamshire actually.

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Consult a doctor or other health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. Today is my 25th birthday, to my somewhat lack of surprise I can see already no one really seems to care.

But he felt very weak after he took couple days and he slept like a baby. But taking one of those at night put me out in 20 minutes or less.